Men's Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Trip

Thurs. Nov. 11th - Sat. Nov. 13th

The guys from NOCC will take a trip up to the Sipsey Wilderness in N. Alabama to hike and take in God's creation.  Upon arriving on Thursday we'll set up camp (car camping) and then explore Kinlock spring and Native American shelter (giant cave).  Then we'll return to eat dinner at camp.  On Friday we'll take a 9 mile (roundtrip) hike to see the largest tree in AL and Bee Branch Falls, have lunch and then return to camp for dinner.  Saturday we'll take an early 2 mile (roundtrip) hike to see Fall Creek Falls, return to pack up, and then grab some of the best BBQ you've ever had for lunch on our way out.  Hopefully there will have been rain and we'll see waterfalls everywhere.  Sipsey's nickname is the land of waterfalls (but only if it's rained!).  See below for more details on what to bring and how to prepare.

What to Bring


- Tent, sleeping mat or pad, and a sleeping bag.

- Water and food for each meal.

- Warm clothes at night, extra pair of socks and non-chaffing underwear like boxer briefs for hiking.

- Shoes for hiking.

- Small hiking pack or backpack to carry food and water while hiking.

- Trowel, TP, & wet wipes.  There is no public bathroom at camp.

What to Eat

You will be responsible for your own food.  You'll need to pack for Thurs. dinner, all meals Fri., and Sat. breakfast and snacks.  Since we are car camping it will be pretty easy to bring whatever we want.  It's not a competition but if yours is better than mine you have to share a little!


Thurs. dinner - Hamburger, hot dogs, and fries

Friday breakfast - Bacon and egg burritos

Friday lunch (hiking) - Sandwiches, chips, and gatorade

Friday Dinner - Pasta

Sat. breakfast - Something quick that does not require fire like pop tarts, granola bars, or cold soak oatmeal.

Additional Information

- Begin exercising now.  We'll be hiking about 11 miles total with 9 miles being on Saturday.  Hike the levee w/ a weighted pack for the best exercise.

- Permethrin your clothes to keep mosquitos and ticks away.  Ticks have especially been lingering longer into the fall season.  They can carry Lyme disease as well as a disease that can make you allergic to eating red meat (ain't nobody want that)!

- There is little to no cell service in the Sipsey Wilderness.